How To Retrieve The Wi-Fi Password On Mac?

Can you imagine life without the internet? Though, most of you have experienced a life when the internet was introduced. Now, imagine a life without it is virtually impossible. Sending letters is overtaken by emails and texts and library books are replaced with online books.

The internet is full of mind-boggling public accessible information. And the best part is that you do not have to scroll through the newspaper to get daily news. All you can read online news with the help of your Smartphone. But there was a problem that many people were facing and i.e. internet was not accessible in many places. 

To overcome this, WI-FI was introduced that has changed the way we used the internet. With time, this becomes one of the greatest inventions of all time. This provides a wireless network for the devices to enter the internet. And using it is one of the simplest tasks. All you need a network, a wireless network interface controller and your gadget (it may be your phone or gadgets). And the most important thing is the Wi-Fi account and password. Without it, your request to join will decline. 

Many such situations occur where people forget their Wi-Fi password and they do not have any idea about how to recover the password. If you are facing the same trouble and want the best solution, then you are in the right place. You can check here: How To Find Wi-Fi Password On Mac

We have discussed the best ways to retrieve the password without any hassle. One by one we will cover all the queries mentioned below.

find wifi password in mac

Let’s execute this...

How to access passwords with the help of the spotlight?

This one is the easiest way to recover the password. It will hardly take a few minutes. But remember before checking the Wi-Fi password, you have to log in with your username with password (Mac’s system password). 

Now, let see how to recover it...

Step #1: Press Command + Space (Shortcut to open the spotlight)

Step #2: Enter keychain in the search bar

Step #3: Select system after you unlock the keychain

First, understand what does keychain means?

Keychain: It is an app on the Mac book system. In this, you can save different passwords. And you can access them at any time. It includes a social media password, email password, Website/blog password. So, whenever you forget any password, you can easily recover with this app.

Step #4: Locate your Wi-Fi system 

Step #5: Select the Wi-Fi and double click it to see the password (You can also right-click on the Wi-Fi option and copy the password to clipboard)

How to recover a password with a third party application?

recover wifi password steps

You can take help from third-party software like Powermymac (you can search for many other). It is a safe and secure application. You can easily and quickly recover the password. 

Step #1: Install Powermymac

Step #2: You can see various options and among them, you have to choose the Wi-Fi option.

Step #3: Clicked the analysis button to get the information related to your network.

Step #4: Once you enter the page related to Wi-Fi, then you can see the left column is divided into two categories.
  • Network speed
  • Test button
Step #5: Click the sweeping Wi-Fi and press the button “show” to continue. 

Step #6: Now, you have to choose the “show” passwords. You can see various networks. And turn the switch ON and enter your secret code on the Mac. 

You can see there are many ways through which you can easily recover your password and can enjoy the internet. But you should consider one thing that the password of Wi-Fi is also a private thing. And network security has been a big issue all around the world. You should also know how to forget

How to forget the Wi-Fi password on Mac? 

Step #1: Open Apple menu and system preference in it 

Step #2: Select the option NETWORK

Step #3: You can see the ADVANCE BUTTON on the extreme right of the menu

Step #4: Select the Wi-Fi

Step #5: Click the MINUS BUTTON once you select the Wi-Fi option

Step #6: Press the OK button 

To retrieve the password, you must have some basic computer skills because in many places some technical word is used that may bother you. If you think that you can do it by yourself, then it is good. If not, then taking help from experts may be a good choice. It may be your friends or you can call some tech professional person.

You can choose any of the above ways to recover the password. It depends on you and chooses that one which is comfortable for you.

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